This Way Up

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    A.T Shank & Son have a bad day at the parlour when a falling boulder flattens their hearse. Emotional and literal pitfalls lie in wait for the odd couple as they make their way cross country with just a coffin for company. This short animated caper puts the fun back into funeral as more »

The Backwater Gospel

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    As long as anyone can remember, the coming of The Undertaker has meant the coming of death. Until one day the grim promise fails and tension builds as the God fearing townsfolk of Backwater wait for someone to die. The Backwater Gospel (2011) 09:39 | Animation – Horror Thriller Produced at The Animation Workshop (

Technotise – Edit i ja

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The whole movie was made by 10-15 people (without the voice actors) and the production took place in a small apartment in Belgrade. It took them over 5 years to finish the movie on a low budget that reached almost US$900,000. Aleksa Gajic says that the movie can be considered as his own auteur theory, since more »


Mono Face

By admin on wants to show you that we’re all but interchangeable – at least, our body parts are. Click by and start clicking on the face in the middle of your screen. Click an eye to change it to someone else’s eye, click the nose to change the nose, you get the idea. When you’re done, more »