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Nicola Veralto

Born 1965 in Verona, Italy Lives and works in New York City Nicola Verlato attempts to realize the “unreal” in his use more »

Skunk Fu

Skunk Fu! is a flash animated television series and IFTA award winning[3] children’s television series featuring the fables of anthropomorphic animals protecting their valley using martial arts. The show chronicles the adventures of young Skunk, training with his Kung Fu master, Panda, with support of Rabbit, Fox, Turtle and others, who directly, or inadvertently, also help Skunk grow.

Cowboy Bebop

The Skin to the new Player and in celebration adding two great songs from Cowboy Bebop “the Real Folk Blues” by and more »

Pooky’s & Cencoroll

Cencoroll (センコロール?) is an upcoming anime being produced by Anime Innovation Tokyo with an expected release in 2009. The story is based more »