Animated GIFs by Dain Fagerholm

“Friends”, 2012 by Dain Fagerholm. All images in this article ©Dain Fagerholm Do not adjust your monitor. The brain shaking you are experiencing is the incredible work of Dain Fagerholm. Dain hails from Seattle, WA but his work is from another world entirely. An illustrator by trade, Dain has created an entire portfolio of hand drawn […]

Behance Network

Mattias Adolfsson ANIMALS ARE  KEWL !!!! (2nd part) Gent: Scheppende Stad Campaign image for the city of Ghent. Ducati for ANCMA by IC4DESIGN   Ducati for ANCMA The purpose of this advertisement was to show that it is difficult to see the biker on the road. The client wanted us to illustrate […]

Nicola Veralto

Born 1965 in Verona, Italy Lives and works in New York City Nicola Verlato attempts to realize the “unreal” in his use of mythical references. Utilizing witches to explore the depths of sexuality, mysticism and power, the paintings are composed as conceptual cinematic storyboards and tell a story from multiple points of view. Invoking, at […]