Plantar Fasciitis: What is it and how to fix it permanently.

So after my trip to Europe and lots of walking while suffering my feet hurting, especially while visiting the museums where it was almost torture to be standing and taking few steps and stopping at the next piece and repeat, all on hard marble floors. Then realized that the long walks were actually not that […]

A Canticle for Leibowitz Summary

A Canticle for Leibowitz Summary How It All Goes Down Fiat Homo While on a Lenten vigil, Brother Francis encounters an old wanderer in the desert. There is a minor misunderstanding involving some cheese and a cudgel, but they straighten it out, and the wanderer agrees to help Francis. Francis needs to build a sound […]

How to White Label WordPress

 Rick R. Duncan Web Developer • Search Marketer How to White Label WordPress Jan 17, 2016 | WordPress On every website I build including my own, I use the code below to white label WordPress. Why would you white label WordPress? Because it’s those little details that make a big difference in your finished […]

How To: Safely Backup and Retire a WordPress Powered Site

How To: Safely Backup and Retire a WordPress Powered Site By Noumaan Yaqoob June 6, 2012 inWordPress Guides 3 I recently decided to retire my two WordPress powered blogs. The reason was that the source of income for these blogs died and keeping them up required regular maintenance and paying hosting fees. For the first […]

How Danish Parenting Works

So, how do these gentle ex-Vikings raise their kids to be so damned happy? These Crib Notes will explain, using the book’s adorable 6-part acronym, “PARENT.” 1. P is for Play Unstructured Play Is Critical To Childhood Development 2. A Is For Authenticity Protecting Kids From All Unpleasant Feelings Stunts Their Emotional Growth 3. R […]