Cambodia Moonlight

The MoonLight was officially launched on October 2009. Aiming to replace millions of kerosene lanterns, which are costly in use and present a major fire risk in the straw and wooden Cambodian houses. The MoonLight was designed by team Lumen. During the design phase, the design team lived in the Cambodian rural countryside for […]

City Farms: Sustainable, Ecological and Agricultural Skyscrapers

Imagine the world in 2050 with almost 80% of the planet’s population living in urban centers and our fruit, vegetables and even animals are grown in … skyscrapers? One man’s vision has sparked a series of designs leading closer and closer to what will be the first real-life vertical urban farm in Las Vegas, Nevada […]

Verde Vertical

un taller mexicano especializado en JARDINES VERTICALES, cuyo fin es brindar a los habitantes de las ciudades la posibilidad de estar en contacto con la naturaleza y disfrutar de sus beneficios a través de convertir en áreas verdes cualquier superficie vertical. Location MILTON # 53 Anzures DF 11590 MX Email Their site