Zoomquilt – 3 Perpetual Zooming Artworks

An endless zoom illusion created with flash by many collaborating artists Zoomquilt 1 Click on the center of the screen to get it started and then click and drag up or down with your mouse to zoom in & out. Zoomquilt 2 Visit: here Zoomquilt 3 Visit: here

NAWLZ an Interactive Comic Book

I stumbled upon a pretty cool site. Its a comic of some sort. Good use of sound and good visuals. I must say a very unique website. http://www.nawlz.com/

3 Ways for creating Large Website Backgrounds

At webdesignerdepot.com Large Website Backgrounds Do’s and Don’ts Large backgrounds make a very impressive visual impact on websites. A web designer has the possibility to play with different design variables that are usually used by photographers, such as depth of field or focus. The background does not have to be just photos, but also any […]


PANTHEON The “Graphic Novels” website of randomhouse.com which has a great selection of books from this unique genre.